Do we need to boil milk before consumption?
  • Yes. Our milk is fresh and raw, delivered to you within few hours of milking. Our process of filtering, chilling & bottling the milk and our cold chain delivery ensures that the freshness of milk is retained till it is delivered, without giving any high heat-treatment such as pasteurization. Hence we recommend boiling milk after receipt.

After receiving milk how long can it stay fresh for our consumption?
  • Temperature is very critical in maintaining the quality of milk. If you can keep milk at or below 40C, it will not change its flavor for 2-3 days though some change may occur if it catches others in-air flavors from the fridge.
  • We recommend that you boil the milk first and then store it in your refrigerator as it increases the shelf life of milk.

Why does milk have to be preserved at 4ºC?
  • Proper refrigeration is the most important factor in preserving the freshness of milk or any other fresh food products. If kept above 4ºC, after few hours bacteria grows rapidly in moist food products.
  • It is thus important to have strict quality control processes that ensure milk is maintained at right temperature to ensure it stays fresh. Thus we chill the milk immediately after it leaves the udders and make sure that it retains its freshness till it reaches your home.

Why do I need to rinse the bottle after emptying them?
  • It is a good policy to rinse the bottle after emptying it. First rinse with little drinking water helps to recover the milk/cream that is left remaining in the bottle and avoiding any waste. A second rinse at your end saves precious natural resources. These pre-rinsed bottles take lesser water and energy to get cleaned & sanitized completely than the ones that are not rinsed. At our packaging plant we doubly ensure that all types of bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized on our customized cleaning equipment. But rinsing at your end saves both milk & water!

How do I start/stop milk delivery or change quantity?
  • It’s easy, just get the change noted at our customer care center 9818010888 through SMS or Call before 5 PM of the previous evening and we will confirm the change. Please note that due to operational constraints it will not be possible for us to accommodate change requests after 5 PM and the next delivery shall remain unchanged.

What steps do I need to take to ensure my fresh milk stays best during summers?
  • When temperature is high outside, follow these tips to keep your milk good:
  • Keep bottle in main fridge compartment & AVOID Door & VegBasket as they get lesser cooling comparatively.
  • Set fridge to maximum cooling to ensure temperature is around 4 Degree.
  • Boil/Refrigerate milk immediately post receipt to ensure minimal thermal shock.
  • Do not store Milk bottles in freezer as bottles are made of Glass. As milk freezes, it expands and thus the glass bottle breaks.

How to make great tasting THICK, sweet curd from Wise Cow Milk?
  • Our milking hygiene & sanitation practices ensure that Wise Cow Milk is low in bacterial count. Curd setting is a bacterial process hence the best way to make good quality Curd from it is as follows:
  • After boiling milk, let it cool to a temp of 37 Degree- 40 Degree C (just scorching hot for finger). Add starter culture (jaman) 2 Tbs (30ml) in 1 lit of milk & preferably keep it in casserole so that its temperature is maintained. Transfer it to fridge for immediate cooling as soon as curd is set in 3-4 hrs. Your sweet Wise Cow Curd is ready.