Freedom from Fear of Adulteration

Just Milk and nothing else!

  • Wise Cow milk comes only from cows at Good Earth Farms, and not collected from any outside unverified sources. i.e we produce milk, keep it fresh and deliver it right at your doorstep.
  • So get peace of mind that your family is not consuming any unwanted & harmful substances that are often detected in ‘Mass Market Milk’ to increase its quantity or shelf-life.
Untouched by Hand
  • From our farm to your home the milk does not come into contact with a single human hand.
  • To ensure that milk stays free from contamination, entire process from milking to packaging is done through state-of-the-art equipment.
Hygienic Milking
  • Cows at Good Earth Farms are milked using internationally followed ‘clean milking’ procedures.
  • This involves maintaining a clean milking environment and udder disinfecting routines to ensure that milk produced is of high quality without any contamination from external sources.
Free from Artificial Growth
Hormones – Oxytocin
  • At Good Earth Farms, we do not use any Artificial growth hormones like Oxytocin to force our cows to let down milk or give extra milk.
  • Artificially produced Oxytocin hormone is a banned drug that is rampantly used to increase milk production and get extra milk from cows to increase profits.
  • Apart from causing labor-like pains to cows twice a day, rampant use of this drug leads to its seepage into the milk which makes it quite harmful for humans who consume it.
Natural Goodness & Nutrients
Retained – 100%
  • As soon as the milk leaves the udder, we take it through the chilling process and its temperature is brought & maintained at 40C . This retains its freshness and nutritional qualities and gives the Wise Cow milk its sweet fresh taste.
  • Only the best quality packaging is used for the best quality milk. Wise Cow milk is packed in recyclable glass bottles that preserve its farm-fresh taste and nutrients.
Healthy Milk from Healthy Cows
  • Healthy cows produce great tasting all natural raw milk and at Good Earth Farms we pride ourselves in raising healthy cows.
  • We are committed to giving nutritious, balanced diet rich in natural nutrients, proteins and minerals to cows and in return we gain wholesome fresh tasting milk.
  • Ethical Usage of Medicines - We vaccinate our cows, keep them protected from any potential illnesses and treat them when they are sick. But we take care that our cows are not loaded with antibiotics.
Cow Comfort is Given Priority
  • Our cows are like part of our family for us. At Good Earth Farms they are housed in well-designed animal sheds that are airy, clean and comfortable.
  • We ensure that each cow feels relaxed and secure in its environment.
  • We protect them from extreme cold in winters and during hot summers, they enjoy cool mist showers to keep them stress-free.
Tamper Evident, Sterlized and
Eco-Friendly Packaging

The Best Milk Deserves the Best Packaging!

  • Just as we do not compromise with the quality of our milk, we provide it to you in glass bottles that are the best medium to retain the goodness and natural flavor of milk. Out of a glass bottle, Milk tastes like milk - not plastic, wax, or paper.
  • We recycle our glass bottles and after receiving them back they are cleaned thoroughly and given aseptic sterilizing treatment before using them again.
  • The bottles are sealed with tamper evident packaging so you can rest in comfort that your milk retains its goodness till your home.
Delivered Direct to Home
in Continuous Cold Chain
  • Wise Cow Milk has a unique integrated Farm to Home supply chain, that ensures that from cow rearing, to milk production, processing and delivery, we completely manage all the aspects of the operation, thus ensuring that the milk you get is of the highest uncompromising quality.
  • Thanks to our continuous cold chain that ensures that right temperature for retaining milk’s freshness is maintained, Wise Cow Milk stays pure & fresh from the time it is produced to when it is delivered at your home.
Using a glass bottle over plastic packaging reduces pressure on Mother Earth as it helps in reducing 80% fossils fuels, 95% water and 80% of Green House Gases that go in making those plastic bottles. In addition you save 90% of the space that could have filled up with potentially harmful plastic waste.

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